My first influence, after the advent of the internet, was a young Japanese artist called Buna, (Masato Takahashi) who uses music, dance and dramatic movement in his live performances (2008 and onwards), to create his paintings; his strokes directed by his movements and emotions. His work gave me a link between my first loves of music, dance, and painting. Painting that comes from the whole body, mind and movement. 


I am open to change during the process of making. It's a living exchange between myself and the subject. The result is often expressionistic and semi-abstract. Pieces are frequently based on patterns in nature that are at first sight, random. Nature's own unstoppable, genetically determined, direction tells me otherwise. 

A large collection of work comes from the study of stones from a nearby beach, 2014 onwards. 

The object brings its own elemental history, and makes itself known.