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Ian Pearsall Artist

“The Wicker Man is an incredible drawing, visceral; sharp and pointed – really everything I would strive to achieve technically. I'm delighted and honoured.

Thank you Pat, your work is a thrill.”

Tom Reineri, re: Sheep

"Witness to a variety of demeanors: attentive, knowing, kindly, obdurate, independent, engaging, inquisitive, coaxing. Pat Bell presents us with more than contented sheep......

..A rare cultural treat finding a nearly forty-piece, multi-wall gallery exhibition assembled in one composite image. Acute observation from a naturalist's eyes. Direction and imagination from a prominent artist."



I graduated from a B.A. Fine Art degree, and worked with fringe theatre groups.

I was a Post Grad student of Theatre Design at the Slade School of Fine Art, eventually working for theatres and studios in London, Denver, and Chicago.

Worked as an IT Support and graphics worker, before venturing to paint again.


Education :  

Diploma in Art & Design, Fine Art, Sculpture 

Sunderland School of Art & Design

2 Years Post Graduate Theatre Design,

Higher Diploma 

Slade School of Fine Art 

MA, Illustration & Design, 

Sunderland University


Brief Statement

The object brings its own elemental history, and makes itself known.

I'm open to changes during the processes of making, starting with some idea but happy to let it progress as i work.

The result is often expressionistic, semi-abstract, and works are frequently based on patterns in nature.


A large number come from collecting stones from a nearby beach, 2014 onwards. They keep cropping up even now 2022, as unexpected inspiration, like glass splinters emerging years after an accident.

My creative pattern is a mix of listening, looking, and allowing to emerge (with of course - work!) I direct and am directed, and i'm happy that way.

And of course, Chance.

'Accidents' are always welcome.





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