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Chris Friel, Photographer

"absolutely blown away by your recent work...regards



Ian Pearsall Artist

“The Wicker Man is an incredible drawing, visceral; sharp and pointed – really everything I would strive to achieve technically. I'm delighted and honoured.

Thank you Pat, your work is a thrill.”

Tom Reineri, re: Sheep

"Witness to a variety of demeanors: attentive, knowing, kindly, obdurate, independent, engaging, inquisitive, coaxing. Pat Bell presents us with more than contented sheep......

..A rare cultural treat finding a nearly forty-piece, multi-wall gallery exhibition assembled in one composite image. Acute observation from a naturalist's eyes. Direction and imagination from a prominent artist."



I graduated from a B.A. Fine Art degree, and worked with fringe theatre groups in the early 70s.  

In 1975 I was a Post Grad student of Theatre Design at the Slade School of Fine Art, eventually working for theatres and studios in London.

Theatre design, dressmaking, costume props, costume making, model-making and costume jewellery work were my first work experiences.


6 years as an IT Support and graphics worker, before venturing to paint again.


Education :  

Diploma in Art & Design, Fine Art, Sculpture 

Sunderland School of Art & Design

2 Years Post Graduate Theatre Design,

Higher Diploma 

Slade School of Fine Art 

MA, Illustration & Design, 

Sunderland University


Brief Statement

The object brings its own elemental history, and makes itself known.



I am open to changes during the processes of making. The result is often expressionistic and semi-abstract. Works are frequently based on patterns in nature.

A large number of works come from collecting stones from a nearby beach, 2014 onwards. They keep cropping up even now 2022, as unexpected inspiration, like glass splinters emerging years after an accident.

My creativity is a mix of listening, looking, and allowing to emerge (with of course - work!) I direct and am directed, and i'm happy that way. Accidents always welcome.