Pat Bell

Portfolio: Lino Works

& Pattern Making

These linos all derived from drawing stones from a local magnesium limestone beach that had become a dumping ground for pit waste. (See 'stones saga' in links). 

The drawings became lino prints. I hand printed huge numbers of them, quite roughly. I am not a print maker and have no pretentions to be pristine and perfect and number every one. I like to think of it as 'guerilla printing', using whatever i had to hand. They suggested so many other things, especially the ones with fossils and bold patterns. 

They took a turn of their own, and started to suggest sea creatures, basic animal life, 'critters'.

I worked on them digitally too and created designs - many of which I can see as fabric designs, or paper, or digital prints.

Finally, I tore many of them from their A4 pages and pasted them onto paper and canvases, and produced paintings; painting on top of them to make fictional animal likenesses and humorous happenings. To me the stones are making their own way. See 'Stones Critters'.

I doubt i've seen the last of them. 
Many involve digital work - the colour ones, and the multiples ones. Some could be for sale; but mostly they are here to show only, until i find a way to apply them.